0.50 Carat Solitaire F Color VVS1 Clarity Good Cut PRINCESS Solitaire Diamond

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Experts consider cut to be the most important out of the 4Cs because the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond depend greatly on its cut. One of the most important diamond characteristic is cut. You can have a diamond with carat weight, color, and clarity that doesn't look like much of anything. That's because it needs a precise cut.

Diamond Cut is how well a diamond is cut and polished, including how well-proportioned the stone is, its depth, and symmetry. Diamond Cut doesn’t refer to the shape of the diamond, such as Round or Pear Shape. Cut quality directly impacts the diamond’s beauty and brilliance. A well-cut diamond is luminous and reflects white and colored light back to your eyes. A poorly cut diamond is dull instead of brilliant. In addition to reflecting the brilliance and sparkle of the jewel’s overall appearance, the diamond cut grade will determine if the stone is shallow, deep, or ideal.

​Follow the checklist prepared by experienced gemologists to see how your diamond fares. If it misses by a little bit on one or two, that’s fine, but we recommend trying to find a diamond that passes on all criteria:



 Our RecommendationsThis Diamond
SmymetryVery Good or better Good
PolishVery Good or better Excellent
Girdle Thickness Thin to Very Thick Slightly thick - thick to Slightly thick - thick
Table % 65.5% - 73.5% 72.00%
Depth % 65% - 75% 72.90%
CuletNone or Pointed Unknown



 Our RecommendationsThis Diamond
ColorH - D F
Artificial TreatmentNo NO
Fluorescence ColorNone or Blue None



 Our RecommendationsThis Diamond
ClarityVS2 or above VVS1
CavityNo No
ChipNo No
KnotNo No
Etch ChannelNo No
PatchNo No
BruiseNO No
BGM (Brown Green Milky)NO No
Laser DrillingNO No

Other Criteria


 Our RecommendationsThis Diamond
Lab CertifiedGIA or IGI GIA
Eye CleanYes Yes
Natural DiamondYes Yes


SKU #TJO12457649262
Cut Good
Carat Weight 0.50 Carat
Fluorescence IntensityFaint
Fluorescence Color None
Length Width Ratio 1.00
Depth % 72.90%
Table % 72.00%
GridleSlightly thick - thick to Slightly thick - thick
Culet Unknown
Measurement (L x W x D) mm4.29 X 4.27 X 3.11 mm
Crystal No
Cloud No
Feather No
Extra Facet No
Twinning Wisp No
Pinpoint Yes
Needle No
Indented Natural No
Milky No
Eye Clean 100%
Key To Symbols Pinpoint
Crown Angle
Artificial Treatment No
Cavity No
Chip No
Knot No
Etch Channel No
Patch No
Bruise No
Laser Drilling No
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