Reviews & Testimonials from Customers of Totaram Jewelers Online Store

I had so much of confusion whether to order big items like vaddanam and vanki online. But I wanted of my choice and selection, I wanted to select my precious things myself. I am so happy to see the vaddanam and vanki beautifully designed, more than what I expected. I will also order baby vaddanam and vanki soon. Thank you," says Pallavi Rani.

"Mr. Rajaneesh Gupta,
I like the jewelry so much. It is so pretty. Where ever, I go and if I wear this set, lot of Americans ask me the website. So I have given it to lots of people. Thank you very much," says Treja Viswanath.

"Hello Mr.Gupta,
I received my order today and was delighted to find it exceeding my expectations. I am really impressed with your customer service and will surely be ordering from Totaram Jewellers in the future as well. Thanks again," says Srijita Banerjee.

"Hi Rajneesh,
We received the jewelery today. It is very nice as expected. Thanks very much for fast shipping. Regards," says Sampath & Suma.

"Thank you! I received the necklace today. It is very beautiful as expected," says Saras Venkat.

"Hello Raj,
I received the item on Saturday. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I would like to shop with Totaram once again. Thanks," says Kanthi Goparaju.

"Hi Rajneesh,
Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, we received the order on Saturday. All the jewellery came out the way we expected. We are pleased with your good service," says Manjula Sankeshi.

I just got the shipment. Pendant and bracelet are looking fabulous. Thanks," says Poornima Sunkara from Memphis.

"Good evening Raj,
I got the merchandise yesterday and we are very impressed. Thank you for your good service," says Anandi de la Fuente.

"Dear Mr. Gupta,
Yesterday I heard your voice message on the phone and then went into the order status on your website, thank you for posting the jewelry exactly on the date you had mentioned. I also have the tracking number. Your service is outstanding. I appreciate it. Kind Regards," says Premlatha Rajkumar.

"Hi Mr Gupta,
I wanted to let you know we received our order on Saturday in good condition. We liked the product and the earrings fit me perfectly. With online ordering there is always a slight difference between imagination and reality and we felt that in reality it looks much better than we had imagined. But to be fair, I think your website does a good job describing. Thank you for the prompt customer service! time we are in India, we will definitely check out your store," says Anwesha and Nagaraju.

"Thanks a lot Mr.Gupta, The necklace is pretty with a fine finish," says Thayapran.

"Hi Mr. Gupta,
We recieved the Tikka. It's so beautiful. We liked it. Thank You so Much!" says Govardhan.

"Hello Rajneesh,
Yesterday we received your bracelet, my wife likes it. It is really very nice. Jewelries are women toys and I am happy to keep her happy. Now we are looking for ring to match the bracelet. Can you make a ring that would have same look or style as this?" says Igor Grebnev.

"Dear Mr.Gupta,
Greetings. I received the earrings today. I have to let you know how beautiful they are, they are excellently made and I am so happy to wear them. Thank you so much for your wonderful service, I appreciate it. Blessings for your business. Kind Regards," says Premlatha Rajkumar.

"Hello Raj,
Just received the ring a little while ago. It is in perfect condition. I love the way it shines. Thanks for your help with the size. And also the timed delivery. Thanks again," says Amit Datwani.

"Mr Gupta,
I received the ring, and I sincerely want to thank you for the great art work.I cannot stop looking at my finger. I used to admire good rings, thanks to you, I am wearing one. Keep up the wonderful art-work. God Bless you," says RHODA MGHENYI.

We received the ring on time. It is excellent and my husband loved it so much. Thank you for co-ordinating it and sending it on time," says Padmavathy Ganapathy.

"Hello Gupta,
I have received the item yesterday. It is fabulous and looks exactly like I wanted. Thanks a lot and I will definetly look forward to getting more items," says Samhitha Balay.

"Hello Raj,
wonderful chain and fit's my Hanuman pendant exquisitely. Thanks again, and you will be hearing from me soon regarding a gold watch. Rock on!"

"Hello Mr. Gupta,
I have received my order today & really liked the product. Appreciate the kind of service provided & enjoyed talking to you. Thanks," says Ritwik De.

"Hi Raj,
Thanks a lot for your email. The item was delivered yesterday. Your service is really appreciated. Thanks for sending it on time. Looking forward to do few more online shopping with Totaram," says Hima Chandana Boddu.

"Yes, we received the gold yesterday and at first impression everything seems great. Thanks a lot for the follow-up you have done during the shipment and all. We are very pleased with your service," says Ravikiran Pasumarthy.

Thanks for delivering the product in such a short notice. I really appreciate it!! For any special occasions, like cradle ceremony, marriage etc. I used to send perishable products like flowers, cake, but now with so many options in your website, I am able to send a gift which they would remember forever," says Swathi Pathireddy.

"Mr. Gupta,
My wife is satisfied with the Jewelry. Thank you for promptly completing the order I appreciate it," says Rajeev P.

"Hi Rajneesh,
I just recieved the order. It was totally perfect I am happy with the purchase. Thanks for the beautiful work," says Deepthi Koneru.

"Mr. Gupta,
I received the package today and everything is well,I certainly will think of Totaram jewelers when I am making another purchase. Thanks Very Much," says Magaly Clavier.

"Hi Raj,
Thanks for your mail. We received the gold chains on time. Glad to note that customization has been carried out well and the chains are very good. Thanks for fine execution," says Nagarajan Mouli.

"Hi Rajneesh,
Thanks for that! I appreciate the quick turn around time on the order, I will definitely contact you if I plan to buy anything online. Regards," says Madhuri Desaraju.

"This letter is to let you know that my beautiful ruby and emerald ring arrived on Monday, May 10. It is exactly as described and just what I have wanted for a very long time. Already I have received quite a number of compliments on it. I hope to be purchasing more of your lovely jewelry in the not-too-distant future," says Karen Masel.

"Hello Raj Gupta,
I received my order today. They were very beautiful and were exactly like I wanted. I appreciate your great communication and prompt delivery. I will definitely do more business with you in future and refer you to my friends and relatives," says Padmaja V M.

"Dear Mr. Gupta,
Thank you so much for the necklace and earrings set. It is beautiful and just what I expected. We are very happy with it and will continue to purchase from you in future. Thank you again for your courteous and honest service," says James and Genevieve Cheney.

"Hello Raj,
I confirm that we received the shipment today. The tika is good and the look is exactly same as what you have shown in your web site," says Srinath Bhat.

"Mr. Gupta
Your package is arrived. I liked it very much. It is just like in the picture. I may order some more. I want to show it to my daughter also. Please let me know. Thank you very much," says Treja.

"Hello Mr. Gupta,
I received the delivery. The earrings are beautiful and I'm quite sure will be very much appreciated. Thank you for the follow up. I'll be shopping for bracelets soon," says Edwin Richardson.

"Thanks, Raj. We received the item for Order#5791 and the item is top class," says Suresh Varala.

"Hello Raj,
The item was delivered today. Thank you for all your help. My mom loved the kada and it did fit her well. Thanks again. Looking forward to future purchases," says Amit Datwani.

I have received the shipment. Thank you so much. I appreciate your prompt service and great products. Thanks again," says Sarjita Patel.

"Hello Rajneesh,
We have received our items on Saturday. Both of them look good and match our expectations. Especially the little 'buttalu' are very good. Thanks for confirming about the Madras screw thing - that is what I wanted and it fit my daughter without any problem.(I think because she was used to a similar screw with her daily wear stud). For other customers, for little kids items, please do the same thing - ask them for their preference on this - that is a good thing to do I felt," says Sandhya Vetcha.

"Hi Rajneesh Gupta,
Thank you very much for your support. So far I find your site is very reliable to buy 22K gold. I wish to continue this relation more in future. Once again thanks a lot for all your much needed support. Thanks & Regards," says Srinivas Sanagala.

"Hi Raj
Good Morning, We received the jewels yesterday. As usual it was a prompt delivery as expected. I am expecting the other item to arrive by the end of Oct. Thanks for all your help," says Nagarajan Chandramouleeswaran.

"Hello Gupta sir,
I received my order and I liked it very very much. Very much fine art. I'm planning to buy another set for my sister-in-law next which has to be delivered in India. I love the set very much. Thanks for sending me the Item very quickly. Looking forward to shop with Totaram again," says Kanthi Goparaju.

Wanted you to know my earrings arrived on Saturday. Thank You so very much for your talent in making beautiful jewlery. I have never owned REAL hand made jewlery AND in 22kt !! WOW what a dirrerence! These earrings will be enjoyed for many years to come. You have a customer for life!" says Renda Haynes (Orlando, FL).

"Hi Raj
I received the ring today and it's perfect - Thank you so much! It's exactly as I ordered. I wish your business well," says Ashley Mitchell Nugent (Australia).

"Dear Mr.Gupta,
This item has been received. It is beautifully made - looks even better than it did on the website," says Nandini Parthasarthy.

Hello Raj,
Thanks for the sets. My parents recieved them ontime as you have promised. Thanks, Neelima SriHari

Hello Raj,
I receied my order, it's beautiful, thank you. The service is impeccable. - Alla Cherchenko

Hi Rajneesh,
We have received the Lakshmi Pendant on 07/24. Thanks for sending it in time. Appreciate your service. Regards, Venkata Surya

Hi Raj,
I received the order today. It is in perfect condition and really beautiful. Thanks, Mukti Mangharam

raj gupta,
i just see your mail , and got my track no, i m so thankfull of you for great customer service, thank you very much. vishal kapadia

Thank you Rajneesh. I am really impressed with your service. For sure I will buy more things from you in the future. Thank you! - sri lakshmi

Thank you so much Raj,
Every time I meet someone that knows real gold from India they Love my earrings and necklace I purchased from you before. I am told " I know those are quality pieces"! I can't wait to get these and start wearing them..You will receive an email from me when they arrive - Pamela Trautmann

the items are in my possession.My thanks to you and your team overseas, for the one of a kind, superbly designed and exquisitely crafted bangles and ring ,well worth their added value. We seem to have a knack of successfully completing our projects in the nick of time,I am sure my wife will be delighted on Monday. - Dr. Moitra

Hello Mr. Gupta
My MIL recieved the ring. She was very happy. I recieved your voice message too. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery as promised..We are very happy. We definitely look forward to shopping in future on your website. I shall definitely recommend the site to all my friends. Thank You - Regards Gayathri

Mr. Gupta,
Hope you remember me....i am the sister of Mr. Raghunath..... We spoke on phone about the bangle size... My mom informed me that she received the order...and they are very beautiful...thanks for the effort you took in quick delivery of the bangles.... Also i wanted to order a necklace for my anniversary... Thanks,Deepika.

Hello Mr. Gupta,
Just wanted to let you know that I got the jewelry in absolutely good condition. Thank you so much. Looking forward to future purchases as well. Thanks, Sarjita

Hi Rajneesh
We received the item as per our order. This is an exquisite ornament well packaged and delivered as promised. I have never had such a nice buying experience. It arrived as promised. The casing carrying the Haram was also a good presentation. Eagerly waiting for the next line item to arrive. thanks and regards - mouli

Hello Rajneeshji,
I received the order yesterday. The piece is very good. I hope my niece likes it. Thank you for the prompt response. I have used in the past too and everytime the experience has been great. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to do more business with you guys. Thank you and Regards. -Haritha

Thanks. We received the gift and it was very beautiful. Thanks, Anshuman

I received the necklace today. I like it. Its very pretty. Thanks....Myra

Thank you for the beads chain. I received it on time and it was as per our expectation and we liked it. Looking forward to receiving the gold bracelet. Thanks, Amita

hello raj,
i jsut receive my earings today thank you and i love it,its perfeact really beautiful,i will order again soon,more power to your business, - marycris rentas

Hello Mr. Gupta,
I just received my chain and it is so beautiful and sparkly! It's all I expected and more. Thank you and I look forward getting more things. Doris Cuevas

Hello Rajneesh,
I received the earrings today and they are very beautiful. Thank you so much for the excellent service, I look forward to continued business. Best regards, Christine.

Hello Raj,
I have received the invoice. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your help and willing support at every step. We are impressed with your sincere efforts at establishing and maintaining genuine credibility. We shall look forward to doing business with you again. Best wishes, Sanjay ( and Sonnicca)

Hello Guptaraj,
I had totally forgotten about this order - the bracelet for me. I had just remembered the baby gift to be sent to Melissa in Florida. I want to tell you that I have never seen such beautiful designs and execution in American jewelry, and it is such a pleasure to own such pieces. The only place I ever saw any jewelry that compares, is the small, in the cracks of the old buildings, in Athens, or on some of the unbeaten islands in the Cyclades (Limnos, Greece, specifically a little shop in Myrina and Moudros). thank you so much for your courtesy and attention. Sincerely, Margaret

Hello Raj,
I have received the ruby necklace set and it is everything that was promised. My husband and I are extremely happy with the product and your service. Glad to do business with you and hopefully there'll be more such occasions in the future. Thank you, Regards - Sarmistha

Hi Mr.Rajneesh Gupta ,
I just got my bracelet. It is so beautiful every thing is perfect (i.e.size, quality, design). I am so happy with my purchase Its pleasure buying form you, will buy again from you. Thanks - Raana Khan.

Dear Mr. Gupta,
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my earrings yesterday and I love them. They are beautiful and eveyone has been complementing me on them. The workmanship is great and I will definitely order again. Thanks for a smooth transaction. Have a great day. - Mariam C.

I received the earrings. They are beautiful. Thanks for the quick service. I will definitely make more purchases in the future. - Sharon

Hi Raj,
I just wanted to let you know I recieved my order this morning. The earrings are lovely, thank you. Tajala Ahmad

My order has arrived . Earrings are so beautiful thankyou - Sangeetha racherla

Hi Raj!
Nadir and I wanted to let you know that we truly appreciated the ruby necklace set that we ordered and the ruby bangle set we custom ordered from you. They are so much better than we thought or saw on the site. Pictures do not do the jewelry and the quality of it justice. To see them in person was so much better. The quality and craftsmanship of the pieces were truly amazing and we appreciate your professionalism and prompt responses to all of our requests and in getting the items to us in a timely manner. We were very impressed and delighted that all of the representations made about the quality of the stones that you use proved to be true. We will definitely keep Totaram as a family jeweler!

Thanks so much for everything!
Grace and Nadir Khan

Hello Raj,
Amazing!!! Never seen before such an "Excellent" and "Express" service before. I admire the efforts you put , to provide the "Quality" service and make your customers "Happy". Fantastic "Timely" response. It is clearly understood , the attention you pay and the value you give towards your customers. Infact the way you deal, is quiet impressive and has build up enough confidence for the safe and secure shopping through internet from you. My friends have already made up their mind to shop from your reliable online website. I wish continued success in your business. Thanks a lot, Cheers, Jaya:) (Sydney)

Hi Mr.Gupta,
I received my bangles today. They look very lovely. Thanks for the excellent workmanship and service. --shanthi

Hellp Rajneesh Gupta,
Thankyou for your reliable services. Just wanted to let you know that the item has been received by my family members. Still I am looking forward to do more shopping with your business in near future, Thanks & Regards - Rajeswari (Ireland)

Hello Mr.Gupta,
I have received my order yesterday and we liked it lot. Thankyou for shippin it on time as requested. Thankyou, Laxmi

Hello Rajneesh,
I received my necklace today. Thank you very much! It's beautiful and I look forward to shopping on "the best place to buy on the Internet." - Anju

Hi raj,
I have received the Vaadanam . We are very happy with the work and would like to refer your site to my friends. Thanks to you and to your team. My daughter was surprised and liked it very much!!! Best wishes from: Lavanya Yammanur

Thanks a ton! The item was shipped today and they liked it too. Looking forward to buying more from your website. Great work !! Thanks, Payal

Hello Rajneesh... Lakshmi pendant is beautiful...elegant, petite and so very delicately divine! Thank you so much for your superior service, quality and elegant craftsmanship. I look forward to future purchases with Totaram. Blessings... Evvy

We have received the Mangalsutra . It 's lovely . Thank you . Sincerely , Surekha Khedekar .


Mr. Gupta,
Received the necklace today. It is prettier in reality than on the web. I love it, thank-you very much. Sincerely, Sepalika

Dear Sir,
My parents received the pendants on their wedding anniversary as promised. They were overjoyed with the gifts, the quality of the work and the delivery service. I am very happy with the purchase and look forward to conducting business with you in the future. Best regards, Chalapathi Rao Poduri

Hello Rajneesh,
I received the order today.The kadas are very beautiful.Thanks for shipping it so fast. Thanks, Bhanu

Thank you Gupta ji.I received my kada.They are amazing.I would love to purchase from you again. - latha pothuru

Hi Raj,
We received the order. My wife loves the bangles. Thanks Kuljit

Hello Mr. Rajneesh,
I wanted to notify you that we received the Mangalsutra and the pata gundu - everything looks great. We want to thank you very much for all your help with the order and sending it to us so quickly. Thanks, -Usha

Hi Raj,
I just got the parcel today. The bangles are very beautiful with very good craftsmanship. They are much much bigger than I expected them to be but are still lovely. The ring also has come out very well. I am happy with all the items. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family who want custom jewelry made. The bangles are so beautiful. Thanks Mihithika

just want to let you know that i have now received all the pieces of jewelry ordered and i am very pleased with their quality. thank you. Kunnara Ket

Hello Raj
I have the shipment on hand. Thank you again for making the bangle to special order size and sending it to us. Amazing service from! Our best wishes to Totaram Jewelers - Usha

Thanks for the fast and prompt service. The earrings look good! Best Regards, Deepa

Hello Gupta ji,
I received my necklace set(GS 505) today.Thank you very much for quick shipping.Its excellent.And I hope the same response for GK176 also.I appreciate for maintaining such a large and unique collection with you. Thanks, Latha

I received the order on Friday and it was absolutely beautiful. I can't believe I own such beautiful pieces of jewelry. I appreciate the exquisite workmanship so much, it's amazing. You did a great job of processing my order in a timely manner and I was very happy. I showed the bangle and pendant to my friends and they thought it was the most beautiful things. Again, I am very pleased with your products and service. I will call you for another order in the near future. Thank you, Lee Moua

Hi Raj,
the necklace is really awesome, its my first gift to my daughter Narayani. All worth it...I think am doing unofficial Advertisement for TOTARAM b'cos all my friends liked it. when we had party at our house... we were just talking about TOTARAM JEWELLERS... u know Women can't resist without talking about gold. its every women choice...indeed friend. Thank you for such a nice necklace. regards, Mrs: Varma

I received the Order on Friday. Bangle size is correct and Bangles and Ear Rings looks pretty. Thank you. --Jyothi ghanta

Hello Raj,
Thanks a lot for being very warm, responsive and for quick shipping. Will definitely refer to my friends and consider buying from from your store again. Thanks, Narendra

I received the chain and my husband liked it very much. Thank you for your help! Teresa

Hello, I have just received my package from Totaram Jewelers, and my earrings are beautiful. Thank you very much, K. Sloan

Mr. Gupta,
I received my order in good condition yesterday. They are very pretty sets and ear hangings. I look forward to doing business with you again. Hana Ali

Dear Mr. Gupta,
Thank you very much for the pendant. I received it and it very gorgeous. Will definitly shop with Toyaram in future. Regards, Aswani

We received the ornament today. It fits very well. Once again thanks for you support! - venkata chigurupati

Dear Sir,
i was really impressed by looking at the piece and it had really a very good finish.I am very thankful and happy withit - Dheepa Shanmugam

Hi ,
Just want to thank you for maintaining such a wonderful collection and we really appreciate totaram jewellers for standing upto their mark in maintaing the website.We bought stuff from several of the jewellers in U.S.A and india and never found any collection that is even comparable to yours. Thank you and wish you all the best.

Hi Rajneesh,
I received my ring and earrings today. They are beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing more from Totaram Jewelers in the future. Thanks, Anita

We just got confirmation from India. Thank you very much Guptaji.Looking forward to buy many more items soon. Already suggested your site to our friends and all of them have already placed orders with you. Also our family members have visited your shop at hyderabad and made purchases recently. Thanks and regards, Vamsee Anand

Hi Rajneesh Gupta,
I was looking for jewelry for my engagement and wedding. Since I live in the US, I could not do my shopping in India. I happened to visit and the first visit completely captivated me. It is unlike any other jewelry, the designs are so intricate and the patterns of necklace earring sets are exquisite. Most of all, the customer service is excellent. Mr. Rajneesh was very patient and friendly during every conversation, the prices are the best. I wore my first set of jewelry for my engagement and I received compliments from everyone. Hats off to Totaram, I really look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks, Aruna.

My friends received the order. Thank you very much. Your service is excellent. Devi

Hi Guptaji,
Thanks for the Order . I really appreciate they reached me as i expected them. once Again I thank you guys for such a wonderful service. - Thanks Prasanna

thank you it is gorgeous. - bana rai

Dear Mr. Gupta,
I received the package yesterday. The earrings are even prettier than the picture on your website. Thank you. Susan Lipkin

Hello Mr. Gupta,
I received the earrings yesterday and they are lovely. The workmanship is outstanding, and the earrings are the perfect length. Once again, I'm completely satisfied. Stay well, and I look forward to doing business again in the future. Best regards, Gayle Bartilow

Today i received my earrings.They are very nice.thanks for your help and the service you have provided. jayashree

Hi Gupta,
Thanks for your service. Everything was perfect, the gift, the delivery timings, ring size, etc. Awesome. Thanks, Ashok

Just got confirmation from our friend regarding the delivery. She got the item only on Sunday and she is happy. Thanks. Looking forward to buying more items from your web-site in near future. Thank you. Vamsee

Hi Gupta,
Thank you So much. I got My jewelery. It is well made and good looking. I appreciate your work. Rgds., Viji Shivshankar

Hello Mr. Raj,
Just wanted to let you know that my item did arrive in time and I am happy with my purchase . Sorry I could not reply earlier,..I just got back after a trip. thanks reeba

Dear Mr. Gupta,
I recieved my order and I'm completely satisfied. I've been looking for the right navratna pendant and I found it. Thank you, Robert Drahos

Hello Rajnesh Gupta,
I wanted to inform you that we have received the item yesterday. Thank you very much for the prompt service and the item looks great. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. My wife is also looking for some Polki sets which are not that expensive. If you have any, please do send us a link and we will take a look at those. Thank You, Ravi Kodangal

hi mr gupta,
the earrings arrived on monday, they are beautiful, thank you. i wish all the men in my life were as reliable as you. best wishes. - lynn hill

I received be order. thank you it is absolutely beautiful, look forward to doing business with you soon. - Bandanjot Randhawa

Hello Rajaneesh,
I received my order. It is very good. Thanks. You may close the order now. Thanks again for a very good service you are providing. Regards. -Haritha


Raj, I have received the item,you can thank your brother on a job well done, the bracelet is a work of art,more than I had planned to spend ,but otherwise as close a custom match to the necklace as one can do long distance,two thumbs up!!I will talk to you next year the same time for my next project,perhaps you will have more trust in me now that we have transacted over $26,000/- worth of business within twelve months successfully. Regards, Dr. S.K Moitra

Received my order. Necklace and the work on it looks great. A number of my friends were waiting to see how my piece looks so that they can order online from you. I am going to show them. - Akunuri Swaroopa

Hello Rajneesh,
We have received your order. All the 3 items look good. No worries. You may close the order now. Looking forward to future business with you. Thank you, -Haritha

We have received the chain and pendant thiis morning. Thank you very much for the quick shipping after you returned from India. Cheers - Madhu Lakshmanan.

Hello Sir,
I just recieved my order from totaram. Thankyou for the responsiveness although you were on vacation. Really appreciate that! Thanks Anupama.

Hi Raj,
I got my Kadas. They are beautiful and I love them. It was nice doing business with you. I will keep in touch. Thanks - Anita Singh

Rajneesh Gupta -
My order was delivered on Saturday, April 12, via USPS. I am pleased with the bracelet. This will help make our 25th wedding anniversary special for my wife. We have quite a few Indian friends and my wife has admired their 22K gold jewelry. Thank you. John Williams

Hai Gupta!
We have recieved the shipment today.Everything came perfectly and excellent accordingly.Thak you somuch for making them perfectly according to our wish. Everything came in perfect packing also.Lakshmi motif is so nice.Thanks for taking good care for all the changes.We will send the cheque for other arm patti also. You can ship us that when you return back.My husband also felt extremely happy for sending them with such a good care. Thanks you. - Jyothsna.

the order has been reached thank you , your service was great i hope to use it again soon. thanking you - bennet

Dear Mr Rajneesh
Recd the Pendant. I am happy with the pendant. Thanks & Regards,Susetha

Thanks so much for your attention to my order. The ear rings arrived and they are gorgeous. The gold looks rich. The details are exquisite. I hope these ear rings remain my favorites for a long time. I will have to return to for more purchases. Sincerely, Risa Pittman

Hello Raj,
I have received the chain. It is beautiful and very impressive. I can't imagine myself purchasing jewellery anywhere else from now on. It was by chance that I bumped into your website one saturday. Now you have a lifelong customer. Thankyou so very much. I'm happy with the chain. Anandi

Hi Rajneesh Gupta,
Thanks for your voice message. I received my first set and it was too good. My friends also liked it a lot, especially the fan model necklace. I liked the enamel color with perfect combination. The necklace fits my neck perfectly. Your site is really good. Thanks! Vijaya

Hi Mr. Gupta,
Thanks for the email and message. We got the items. We were not at home on 14th, got the items next day. You may close our order now. Thanks again. - Lalitha

Hi Gupta,
I thank you for all your efforts and time. The Ornament is a Master piece. Everyone liked it a lot. Its a surprise for them. It was more beautiful than the picture it seems. Thanks once again. I will contact you in future if we need any other ornaments and recommend my friends also to Totaram. Regards - Bhaskar.S

I just received my necklace set and I love it. The girls at work love it also. They ask me did you have a brochure? I will send you the picture of my pendant soon. - Renee Bell

We have received the jewellery yesterday. Usps tried to deliver on wednesday but we missed it so my husband went and collected them.Thanks a lot for the express delivery. I appreciate that. We really liked the design patterns. - Regards, Soujanya

I also heard from my mother in law about how the piece was wonderful. Many thanks for this and hope we will continue to have a good mututally beneficial relationship and I am very happy with the service and the product. - Ravi.

Dear Mr. Gupta,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today. The ring and earrings are stunning--just beautiful. I especially appreciate the incredible detail that went into making the ring. The gold balls are cut in a faceted style to create a gem-like sparkle. It's truly eye-catching. And everything about the ring and earrings are exact to specification. I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you again for your patience and help. If you have a mailing list for preferred customers, or if you occasionally have sales or specials, please keep my email to keep me informed. You have my highest recommendations to my friends and family. Best wishes, Gayle Bartilow

Dear Mr Gupta,
this is to confirm that my sister has received the jewellery today in Bangalore. thank you for an extremely effficient service. I do appreciate it. Nivedita (London, UK)

Hello Rajneesh Guptaji
I have received the wonderful bangle today by post. Thanks much. Also the refund of check as well. I will continue my advance payment for layaway starting Jan 20008. Thanks for your professional, courteous service - Usha

thank you, i loved my set...i will love to shop with you again...thank you - bana rai

Just wanted to let you know that my parents received the necklace on Saturday. My mother was especially thrilled to see a replica of her lost necklace. It was a good experience doing business with you and I will recommend your store to my friends. Thanks, Raji

Yesterday I received the item that I ordered. It is very beautiful. Thanks! Soma

Mr Gupta,
Received the necklace today. It is beautiful, I am sure my mom would enjoy it. Thank-you for your prompt and courteous service. Sincerely, Sepalika

Hi Mr. Gupta
I am Happy with your prompt response. It is ok to deliver the item in 2days as mentioned in the website. I am happy with your previous deliveries as well. Thank you - Dr. Lavanya Reddy (U.K)

Thank you. I received the bangles and they are very nice. This was the second order that I have placed with you and have been pleased with both. - Ritu

Hello Rajneesh,
We received the shipment on Saturday. Everything looks nice. Thank you for sending the items promptly. - Ramesh.

Received the package. Thanks! All earrings are really good. - Vaishali Patil

thank you and i like the piece very much and looking forward to buy a necklace set in future. - Muna

Hai Rajneesh
I received my order today. I Liked it a lot. Thanks - Mamata

Hi Gupta,
My mom was very happy after receiving the gift, she like it. You guys did awesome job. I really appreciate your service. Thank you so much - Sowjanya.

Hi gupta,
I received my order today evening. Thanx a lot.Im very satisfied with your great service. It was nice shopping with Totaram. The set has come out really good. I look forward to shop with you in future.. Thanks - Madhu.

Thank You Very Much Sir. I greatly appreciate your help and effort. Last year same time, we have purchased 4 necklesses from your shop. Because of excellent service and reliability, we continue to be loyal customers for you. Regards - Rajasekhar Pavani

Thank you so much. I received my order today and it is absolutely beautiful. EXACTLY what I needed to complete my wedding jewelry ensemble - Kia Daniels

Received the shipment. We are very satisfied with the product. It was exactly as shown in the picture. Thank for a prompt service - Sudharsan P Jagannathan

Hello Raj,
I see that my boss has been communicating with you regarding his order, which I’m glad. To be honest with you, out of all the jewelers I communicated with, you guys were the best. Thank you - Carol Quintero

Hi Rajneesh
I got the ring in the mail yesterday. It really is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever laid eyes on. Thank you so much for your great communication and fast service. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks - Jade Bitla

Hi Rajneesh,
I wanted to let you know that I received the bangles today. Thanks a lot for your extremely prompt service. I am really pleased with the speed at which things moved along. - Vijaya K.

Hi Rajneesh,
I received the watch today.. Thanks a lot..It is a very beautiful watch. Thanks Once Again.. Regards - Krishna Colluru

Your shipment was received over the weekend. Very nice, thank you. - Greg Coffey

Hey Gupta,
I just want to let you know that we are very happy with the purchase. I am sure you would do real well in time, as I see that you all are for customer satisfication. Thanks much - Pandu Rao

Hi Rajneesh
Thank you very much for your frequent updates regarding the order. I received the package yesterday and it is as I expected. Thank you very much. Have a nice day - Madhura

I just received my jewelry and it is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY I OWN. I can't wait to order the ring I want. I will give your information out to everyone,because I am so happy. Thank you so much for being so flexible with the payments. - Pamela Trautmann

HI Rajneesh,
We received the order yesterday and we liked it. We'll soon call you for the next order!! Thanks - DJ

Hello Mr.Gupta,
I received my order yesterday. The pendant looks great!! Thanks for your prompt service. Regards - Ala K Shunmukhan

I just got the shipment, earrings look good. - Thank you Poornima Sunkara (Memphis)

Dear Rajneesh,
I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service and range of products. My Order was well received. I look forward to shopping with you in future as well. Keep up the good work, my friend. - Cheers, Suresh (Dubai - UAE)

Hi Rajneesh
Received the item safely on Friday and it is to our expectations -thank you! regards - Pamela Gomez

dear raj
thanx for the jewellery set ,it is a good piece of art .my wife liked it very much. thanx - Dr. watson

Thank you. Very special gift. Very pleased. - shelly blake

I just received my order for the armlet yesterday and i am very pleased with it. It is exactly as i was expecting. This is the first time i shopped for gold on an online site but i am completely satisfied and it has been a very good experience. I will surely recommend your site to everyone i know. Regards, - Sailaja

I received the peacock baby arm vanki. Its a elegant piece of art work. Its look more beautiful then the picture on the website. I really like it. Hoping to buy more from you. Thanks, Regards - Hema

Hello Mr.Gupta
I received the shipment for the diamond ring. it is very beautiful and the workmanship is exquisite. The collection of jewellery on your website is very ornate and artistic. thanks. - Mrs. siva sakthivel

Hi Rajneesh,
We received the order today. Thanks for the excellent product at excellent pricing. This was our 3rd purchase from Totaram and the quality was as expected. - Thanks, Subhesh

I received the necklace set today, it is beautiful, I loved it! Will do business with you again - Terry Comerford

Hi Rajneesh,
Thanks for all your support and help in getting the arm vanchi for my wife. Yes... we received the arm vanchi last friday and we are really happy with the product. Please go ahead and close the order. We will buy sftuff from you instead of local stores because of lots of models and other valid points. - Thanks/Mathur

HI Raj,
The necklace i ordered just arrived. Thank you so much, it looks really beautiful and i'm very satisfied with your GREAT SERVICE. - Brindha Lingan

Dear Mr. Gupta,
I hope you are well. I picked up my order this morning. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you. I will be ordering a necklace set in a few months and I am looking forward to speaking with you then. Have a great day! - Cecilia Khan

i would like to thank you for my previous order my grand mother loved the earrings. Is it possible that i can get this order shipped to me by the 18th of may. Please let me know thru an e-mail. thank you and have a wonderful day - Brindha Lingan

Yes, Sir Rajneesh Gupta, the 22 Karat Gold Jhumka - Ear Hangings - were received yesterday, May 9th. Thanks for a most exquisite Mother's Day gift for my wife !! - Michael Meehan

I received my stupendously beautiful necklace and earring set yesterday. It is absolutely outstanding. Thank you also for the promised service. - Judith McInnis

Hi Rajneesh,
Received the diamond earring today. It looks very beautiful. Thanks - R.Sridhar

Hello Mr.Raj
I have received my Ruby set today morning and looks beautiful. Thank you very much for the prompt and excellent service. - Shanthi Narasimhan

Aloha Raj...
I received my kada today, and I am thrilled - it is perfect. - Mahalo - Linda

Thank you. Rajneesh. It was a a pleasent experience shopping with you. I hope to do more. :-) - Best Regards - Rekha

Hello Mr. Gupta
I am a customer for life because every transaction I've had with you has been very satisfying. I will be buying my daugther's wedding jewelry from you. - Cecilia

I received the items yesterday and they look very nice. Thank you for your help. - Elizabeth

Hi Gupta,
Received Mangalsutra Black Bead Chain .It looks so beautiful. Thanks - Satya


I had received the peacock baby arm vanki; it's a beautiful piece of work and looks much better than the picture on the website, especially, the peacock.It was customized to my daughter's size and I very much appreciate the prompt delivery on the expected date, though it had to be made in India. Your service is very impressive and I am looking forward to buying more from you. I appreciate your personalized service; it's like buying in India. Thanks. - Nagamani

Hi Rajneesh,
I received the order today. It is very nice as i expected. Thank you very much. - Swarupa

Hi Bhaiyya,
They delivered it on Sunday. My friend said she signed. She said the sets are looking good. Thank you for the service. I will order in future without any fear. - Suma

Dear Raj,
The Gold necklace ordered by me has been received today. I appreciate the promptness and professionalism in executing my order to my entire satisfaction. Now I know where to look for items when my family wants them. Thank you so much. - Ramanathan

Thankyou very much. The necklace set that I had ordered was delivered yesterday on time. I was nice doing business with u. - Kanwardeep

Order arrived on time. Thanks, and Happy New Year! - Thomas D. Hamill

Dear Raj
Thank you very much for the support and quick response. I'm sure my wife will be very happy with this present.

Sincerely, David Wortman

Hi Raj,
Thanks for the call this morning to confirm the delivery. Sorry, I could not talk as my cell does not get good service where I live. Thanks, I received the Kada today morning at 10AM. It looks beautiful. Regards, Shariq

Hi Raj,
I received my items to-day. Thanks so much they're very beautiful. As for the custom earrings, I think that they are even nicer than the originals. I am very very satisfied and happy that I found someone who does good work and can accurately reproduce pieces from pictures. I hope to send more pieces over soon. Thanks! - Eleni

I received the package this evening. I really love the ring. Thank you - Jayashree

I received my mangalsutra pendant. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. Meanwhile, let me wish you a very Happy Diwali. Regards, Rashmi

Yes I have received the item. It looks good. Thanks - Sanjeeda

Hello Mr. Gupta
Thank you very much. I have received the item ordered. Thanks - Sujit

Hello Raj,
The earrings arrived, and they're beautiful. Thank you. - Carolyn Miller

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