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22K Gold Pendants

22K Gold Pendants - Uncut Diamond Pendants - Alphabet Pendants - Religious Pendants

A gold pendant is definitely the favorite jewelry of many women across a varied age group. A small ornament made of gold - a pendant can easily enhance the beauty of its owner. Pendants are generally available as loose-hanging pieces of precious metals or precious gems attached to a necklace by a small loop. From everyday wear 22K gold pendants to casual wear to occasional use party wear gold pendants, to charming pendants for kids, find a gold pendant to choose from our extensive selection of plenty of unique latest designs of pendants for women, men and kids.

Gold pendants make a great gift for your loved one. A kid's first birthday gift or an anniversary gift, 22K gold pendants make an impressive gift. It is a thoughtful as well as a memorable gift. Some of the designs available with us include religious pendants, flower designs, cartoon characters for kids, and a lot more. The gold pendants available online are mostly set in 22 karat yellow gold. The 22K gold pendants are suitable for various occasions such as wedding, evening, work wear, everyday wear and desk to dinner. View our collection of gold pendants for women, men and kids, offering the best quality and latest designs at great prices.

22K Gold Religious Pendants

View and shop our collection of 22K gold religious pendants made in India. We offer unique religious jewelry and pendant collection including ganeshji pendants, balaji pendants, hanumanji pendants, krishna pendants, sai baba pendants, durga maa, lakshmi mata pendants and more.  Our gold pendant inventory also includes such favorites as OM Pendants, Christian Cross Pendants and other Hindu Religious Pendants for women, men and kids. In ancient India, these religious gold pendants made with 22 karat gold are worn to prevent 'Nazar' or the evil eye. It is also considered to be a symbol of good fortune by many. The use of religious pendants started out as a protection of sorts and gradually transformed into a fashion statement over the years.

Explore the beautiful range of religious Yellow Gold Pendants at Totaram Jewelers today! We offer unique religious jewelry. Buy Religious pendant designs online to make your god's presence strong in your life. Select from our soulful collection of 22 karat gold indian jewelry and hindu god pendants here.

Gold Initial Pendants

View our designs of exclusive 22K Indian Gold Initial Pendants available online. The Gold Initial Pendants designs available online cater to a broad price range. Gold Initial Pendants are popular with people of all ages ranging from babies to kids to adults. Our Gold Alphabet pendants are unisex and can be worn by kids and adults. In this section you will find plenty of Gold Initial Pendants designs.

Most of our 22K Gold Initial Pendants are unique designs, we just have one piece of each. Our Gold Initial Pendants are sourced from all over India. So make sure you order the Gold Initial Pendants of your choice before its snapped up by someone else. Our Gold Initial Pendants designs are made in India.

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